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Grainfarmers is the key link between farmers and the global food marketplace. Nearly a century after its founding in 1907 as the Southern Counties Agricultural Trading Society (SCATS), Grainfarmers has grown to become one of the largest arable input and grain marketing businesses in the UK. No other UK company markets as much grain or has as many end user and arable farming customers or shareholders.

Grainfarmers is the link between producer and the marketplace as preferred supplier to many of the the UK’s major end-user flour millers, feed compounders, maltsters, crushers and processors, offering continuity of supply of specific qualities of grain and oilseeds.

As one of the UK’s largest grain exporters, Grainfarmers has export facilities strategically located close to every major grain producing region in the UK. An International Marketing Alliance with Louis Dreyfus, one of the world’s most influential shippers, provides Grainfarmers with worldwide market access and market intelligence.

The business has an experienced and professional management team supported by non-executive farmer board members geographically spread across the UK in order to represent farmer shareholders, associated grain groups and other commercial partners.

Grainfarmers is well capitalised with a strong asset base, providing financial security in a volatile agricultural marketplace. This financial strength enables the company to help maximise the incomes of its farmer shareholders and to protect their long-term interests.