The seed business aims to tailor variety selection to maximise potential on each and every farm, field, region and soil. Thus Grainfarmers Arable offers a very wide range of varieties to suit every specific situation and market need.

The business enjoys close working relationships with every major plant breeder and, through UAP’s nationwide Integrated Agronomy trials programme, is able properly test cereal and oilseed varieties prior to any national launch.

In addition, because of Grainfarmers’ strong relationships with milling and other end-user customers, we are able to assess the market potential of any new variety in the testing pipeline.

Cereal seed production is centred at our modern, high capacity facility at Honey Pot Lane, Grantham, Lincolnshire constructed in 2004, whilst Scottish growers needs are serviced by a plant at Alford near Aberdeen.

All seed can be traced to the field in which it was grown and to the stock seed used, thereby ensuring traceability and satisfying crop assurance scheme demands.

Quality standards are stricter than both the legal EC and Higher Voluntary Standards (HVS). As a result, our seed quality is amongst the highest in the industry with 99.9% varietal purity and no wild oats.

Grainfarmers Arable is also a major supplier and processor of grass seed mixtures for silage or grazing leys, formulated from top quality seed of UK Recommended List varieties.

A wide range of different maize varieties are also available, selected from a range of breeders to suit specific maturity sites.

In addition, Grainfarmers Arable supplies a wide range of Gamecover and Conservation crop mixtures; roots and fodder crops varieties and grass seed mixtures for amenity turf.