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Central Storage Explained

As the largest grain marketing business in the UK, Grainfarmers plc holds preferred supplier status with the majority of the UK’s flour millers, feed compounders, maltsters, oilseed crushers, pet-food manufactures and industrial end-users. Grainfarmers is committed to the provision of a high level of service and market access for our farmer members and the members of our associated Central Stores.

We have direct access to EU and world markets through our export facilities and ports around the UK.

There is an integrated market strategy within all Central Stores. This achieves better scale to market grain, improves market returns and reduces farmer to farmer competition.

Central store members have the choice of harvest pools, long pool or direct sale marketing options backed by fixed payment dates to give certainty of cash flow. Advance payment schemes are available at very advantageous interest rates. Bad debt cover is also provided.

Central storage gives growers the option to grow commodities and alternate crops not suited to existing on-farm facilities.