Grainfarmers offers UK producers more routes to the global marketplace than any other UK business.

As a preferred supplier to most of the UK’s major end-user flour millers, feed compounders, maltsters, crushers and processors, the business offers continuity of supply of quality grain and oilseeds. Operating on a national scale but focussed on providing a local service, Grainfarmers is committed to meeting the nationwide marketing and input needs of UK arable farming businesses.

The company offers a comprehensive range of marketing, grain pooling, cash flow and storage options that provide some of the best ex-farm prices, at the same time as optimising farm business cash flows. Grainfarmers also handles the administration and marketing of many of the UK’s farmer-owned central storage businesses.

Spot & Forward Purchases
As the UK’s leading buyer of grains and oilseeds, Grainfarmers is committed to offering the most competitive ex farm pricing. Given the scale and sheer diversity of market outlets serviced by the company Grainfarmers is well placed to maximise the inherent value of differing qualities of grain to the benefit of its farmer Customers.

Minimum Price Contracts
With increased market price volatility Grainfarmers offers Minimum Price Option contracts providing flexibility and a guaranteed return, enabling growers to lock in prices to cover production costs whilst benefiting from any subsequent rise in market prices.

Farm-stored Marketing Pools
Grainfarmers has renowned expertise in the operation of on-farm grain marketing pools. The company’s ‘Crops Pool Marketing’ programme and ‘Premier Growers Pools’ have become the first choice scheme for growers wishing to minimise their exposure to market volatility.

Grainfarmers’ farm-stored marketing schemes provide economies of scale and a combined negotiating power with a guaranteed payment. Crops are marketed centrally and usually secure above average prices, achieved through the negotiation of long-term supply agreements, based on sound market information.

A structured payment scheme reduces cash-flow issues and bad debt insurance cover ensures payments are secure.

Grainfarmers offers flexibility with a minimum 200 tonne commitment to join its pool schemes, rather than a 100% production commitment demanded by some other schemes.

Buy Back and Long Term supply Contracts
Grainfarmers recognises that farmers are increasingly reluctant to drill crops without a known buyer for the harvested grain.

Excellent relationships with end buyers, together with the ability to provide seed from our seed business, enables Grainfarmers to offer a wide range of buy-back contracts for specific varieties and quality specifications.

These include guaranteed outlets for milling and malting. Set aside contracts are also available for high erucic acid and double-low oilseed rape as well as linseed, with options on price fixing and movements.

Longer Term Supply contracts are also available for certain commodities for those growers who wish to benefit from price stability over a number of years.

Independent Grain Groups
Grainfarmers also markets ex-farm grain for a number of independent farmer-owned businesses.

These comprise:-
West Country Grain Ltd
Crop Marketing (Groups) Ltd
Organic Arable Marketing Group
SEFA, Hereward and Invicta Grain Groups

Market Intelligence
We post a grain market report on our web site each week, which provides an up to date price guide. Alternatively, growers can receive weekly grain market reports by email.

Quality Assurance
Our subsidiary, Larkwhistle Laboratory Services LLS provides independent laboratory services to a wide range of third party customers across the grain industry.

Grainfarmers has in-house laboratories at a range of locations including:-

Aberdeen, Bressingham, Cannington, Honey Pot Lane, Larkwhistle, Poolham and Wetherby.

The company is a full member of the trade assurance scheme (TASCC). Our QC procedures and product traceability provide our consumer customers with the quality and food safety assurances they require.