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Grainfarmers Plc is the UK’s largest farmer-owned arable business with a proven track record in the marketing, promotion and development of farmer-owned central storage and processing facilities.

Grainfarmers acts as marketing and administrative agent for an increasing number of associated, but independent, farmer-owned Central Grain Stores – Hampshire Grain Ltd, Wiltshire Grain Ltd, Weald Granary Ltd, Honey Pot Grain Store, Cannington Grain Store Ltd, Devon Grain Store Ltd, Union Grain Ltd, Camgrain Ltd and Aberdeen Grain. Services are also supplied for Kernow Grain Ltd. This equates to a combined storage capacity in excess off 500,000 tonnes stretching from Aberdeenshire to Cornwall.

Each storage co-operative is independent run by its own Member-elected Board, in terms of policy and operating charges. Charges are kept low as there are no external shareholders to satisfy.

Central storage allows you piece of mind, flexibility and convenience. But most importantly of all, in today’s challenging environment, the economies of scale achieved by central storage give the most cost-effective grain storage solution for most cereal growers.

Grainfarmers have witnessed significant growth, which seems to be accelerating