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Nutrition Management Partnership

Our approach is to carefully tailor bespoke nutrition packages to each individual crop, variety and field, in order to maximise yield and achieve specified quality criteria.

To achieve this we have developed with our partners, UAP and TERRA, the;


· Grainfarmers – providing the vital link to the end markets, eg, Rank Hovis, Coors
· UAP – providing technical agronomic advice and nutrient recommendations.
· Grainfarmers Arable – supplying seed and fertiliser inputs.
· TERRA – manufacturing quality fertilisers such as Nitram and Sulphur Gold.

At a farm field level, the fertiliser team is able to draw up a programme for the season for each individual crop and supply the fertiliser to meet this specific need.

This crop nutrition package is then tailored during the season to react to changing crop needs.

Our selected manufacturer suppliers support this approach:
The partnership links together the seed breeder, the agronomist, fertiliser expertise and the end user to provide the best advice through;
· Nitrogen workshops – small local groups of farmers working together on nutrient plans for the crop.
· N Monitoring sites – run by TERRA, to measure soil nitrogen down to three different depths throughout the UK.
· N Calculators – where individual recommendations are given based on the requirements of the specific crop.
· Advice on fertiliser handling, storage and usage regulations. Confused by the red tape? We’re here to help!

For general information and advice on handling, storage, usage and waste regulations
please see our Technical and Health & Safety section.

For further details of how to participate in this exciting partnership please contact us.