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As the UK’s largest independent oilseeds trader Grainfarmers offer unbiased advice on oilseeds marketing through their nationwide network of farm business managers.

This independence and a genuine concern for our farmer customers (many of whom are shareholders) has seen Grainfarmers become the chosen marketing partner for many of the UK’s storage co-operatives. This strength in the marketplace is reflected in our current position as the largest independent supplier into UK crushing and incorporating homes as well as a leading exporter, when market conditions allow.

Grainfarmers pools consistently beat market averages and are a benchmark against which our competitors are judged.

Grainfarmers were amongst the first to offer Energy Aid contracts, and continue to be a market leader in this field, combining a thorough knowledge of the complexities of these and Industrial contracts with a first class administration to guide our farmer customers through any problems that might occur.

Grainfarmers, through their trading link with Greenergy, are ideally placed to maximise opportunities presented by the growing Bio-Diesel sector of the market.

With over 100,000 tonnes of storage space dedicated to oilseeds Grainfarmers are able to move harvest seed quickly and efficiently as well as offering drying and storage contracts that allow customers to maximise the opportunities presented by an increasingly volatile market place.

Grainfarmers offer a comprehensive range of contracts on both Oilseed Rape and Linseed.