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Grainfarmers Arable is one of the leading UK agricultural merchants, distributing a comprehensive and competitive range of fertiliser products for the UK agricultural industry.

Our approach is to carefully tailor bespoke nutrition packages to each customer’s individual crop, variety and field, in order to maximise yield and achieve specified quality criteria for the end market users.

To achieve this we have developed with our partners, Grainfarmers, UAP and Terra, The Nutrition Management Partnership.

Grainfarmers Arable are the main UK distributor for Terra fertiliser products, including Nitram and Sulphur GoldSee product information for the full Terra range.

Our other key supplier partners include;
J H BUNN and IAWS are two of the biggest producers of blends in the UK and supply us with quality straights, NPK and NPK + sulphur grades and other tailor made analyses including bespoke saltmixes for sugarbeet, potatoes and other speciality crops.
In Scotland our blends are primarily sourced from Carrs and Reids who are based in Montrose.

Omex who are the UK’s leading supplier of liquid suspension and solution fertilisers, providing tailored nutritional packages to each field based on soil and SAP tests. They have a specific expertise in root and vegetable crop nutritional management.

Imported AN & Ureas are supplied through International shippers such as AmeropaConAgra Resources and Helm, allowing us to source fertilisers on a worldwide basis, tapping into and utilising international market intelligence to secure leading commodity-type fertiliser products at competitive prices.

For the latest up to date fertiliser product prices and availability please contact us.