In today’s very competitive market place, it is becoming increasingly important that buyers are aware of quality and value for money. The Grainfarmers UAP Amenity range has been produced with these important principles in mind. Top quality cultivars are selected which will not only establish quickly and have good wear tolerance, but are also naturally low growing with high levels of disease resistance to ensure that future maintenance costs are kept to the minimum. All in all ensuring successful results on large-scale professional schemes or the small private garden.

Lawn Seed Mixtures

Green Velvet
A mixture of only the best varieties ensures the production of a truly first class ornamental lawn. An important pre-requisite is a clean seed bed free from coarse species so that the full benefits to the short fine varieties.

Green Hardy
Green Hardy is fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent colour. The cultivars ensure a low maintenance turf with good disease resistance. A very successful mixture for use on private lawns and for local authority uses. This mix is by far our best seller, with customers returning year after year.

Green General
A traditional and versatile mixture for back garden lawns, orchards and general landscape areas that will produce an attractive, dense and very hardwearing lawn.

Green Economy

An inexpensive mixture where quick establishment is required. It contains only turf type perennial ryegrass.

Green Shade
A top quality mixture designed to produce excellent turf under shaded conditions. To ensure a successful turf, do not mow too closely and feed regularly.

SEED RATE : 1kg/ 20Sq. M. Packed in 20kg packs

Sport Field Mixtures

Green Sport
Especially blended Amenity Ryegrasses designed for all sport areas. A Hardwearing mixture suitable for creating new surfaces or over-seeding existing swards.

Green Recreation
A versatile mixture that will produce a very hard-wearing sward with a high shoot density suitable for winter and summer games including Rugby, Football and Cricket Outfields.

Bowling/ Golf Green

A mixture of Chewing Fescue and Bent Grass, which will tolerate close mowing and will produce a fine dense turf.

Green Cricket

A) Cricket Wicket: Traditional mixture for cricket squares providing grasses that will take the wear and tear of close mowing.
B) Green Repair: A combination of Amenity Ryegrasses that can be used as the main ingredients on modern squares or can be used to repair ends.

SEED RATE : 1kg/ 20Sq. M. Packed in 20kg packs

Wildflower and Grass Mixtures

20% Wild Flower and 80% Grass Mixtures
Wild flowers and the grassland they inhabit are a vital part of our landscape. The plant and animal species sustained by a meadow are staggering, but with modern larger farm units and heavily farmed land, nearly all the ancient flowering meadows have been lost. Taking approximately twenty of the most successful perennial grassland flowers from each category, suitable grasses have been added to provide a range of well balanced mixtures to create flowering grassland areas, which will require little or no maintenance.

AWF No 1 – Shaded Areas
A carefully selected mixture suitable for shade and woodland

AWF No 2 – Wetland Soils
Suitable for damp, moist and wet soils on saturated banks, streams, rivers and ditches.

AWF No 3 – Lime/ Calcareous Soils
On soils overlying limestone or chalk, particular types of flowers can be found, and these are contained in this carefully selected blend of species.

AWF No 4 – Clay Soils
This mixture should be sown on all clay soils and uses species typically found on this soil type.

AWF No 5 – Acid Soils
The flowers selected in this mixture naturally occur on soils characterised by a low pH, which allows you to produce a flowery sward on a range of acid soils.

AWF No 6 – Loam/ Alluvial Soils
This mixture is suitable for establishing flowery grassland on all loam/ alluvial type soils and can produce a rich diverse sward. A ‘general purpose’ type mixture.

AWF No 7– Hedgerows
Suitable for field and woodland margins.

AWF No 8 – Sandy Soils
On free-draining sandy soils we advise the use of this mixture to recreate a meadow typical for this soil.

A popular 100% annual mixture to produce a field of traditional wild flowers. Ideally they need to be re-sown each year, for several years, to ensure each species is present and helps build up seed stocks in the soil. NOTE: This mixture should not be cut.

All the wild flower mixtures can be used in conjunction with the Basic Habitat Mixture.

For full specifications on the above mixtures, please click here:

Recommended Seed Rate: 3.75gms/ Sq. m. Packed from 1kgs

100 % Wild Flowers Mixtures

Yarrow 3%
Knapweed 4%
Wild Carrot 15%
Ladies Bedstraw 13%
Musk Marrow 15%
Oxeye Daisy 5%
Selfheal 10%
Sorrel 5%
Red Campion 15%
Meadow Buttercup 15%

Corn Cockle 60%
Cornflower 25%
Corn Poppy 15%

The above Wildflower seeds are also available individually.
We can also supply the following:

Birdsfoot Trefoil Salad Burnet
Cowslip Teasel
Field Scabious Yarrow
Meadowsweet Corn Camomile
Ragged-Robin Corn Marigold
Ribwort Plantain Yellow Rattle

Amenity Fertilisers
Sold in 20kg Bags

Pre- Seeding 6-9-6
Worked well into the seedbed prior to seeding will give young plants all the nutrients they require for a good start.
Application Rate: 70gms/ sq. m.

Spring/ Summer 12-0-9 + 1.5%Fe + 1% MgO
Zero phosphate for use on lighter soils, with added advantage of Fe and MgO.
Application Rate: 35gms/ sq. m.

Autumn 3-12-12
Ideal to promote root growth and winter hardiness during the plants dormant period.
Application Rate: 70gms/ sq. m.

Fine Turf 8-0-6 + 2%Fe + 2%MgO
Promotes good growth throughout the season whilst supplying iron to give strength to the sward.
Application Rate: 35gms/ sq. m.

Microfine 3-6-8 + 4% Fe
An Autumn/ Winter blend, which can also make an Ideal first feed of the year as low nitrogen will stimulate growth and check moss.
Application Rate: 35gms/ sq. m.

For more details on the above please contact [email protected] or phone Toby on 01962 794605.